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West Coast

Public Adjusters LLC

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you and benefit from your services.


My Story 

Hi! My name is Susan Ancich. I am a licensed Public Adjuster for the State of Washington and am trained and experienced in preparing, presenting, and negotiating insurance claims.


My goal as a Public Adjuster is to assist you during one of the hardest experiences you may have. I know because I've been there too. After losing my home in a fire, I was overwhelmed and did not know where to turn for help and assistance. My hope is to take this experience and guide you, start to finish, and restore your loss to pre-loss condition. 

Who We Are

I was born and raised in Grays Harbor County, and raised my family here. As the owner of West Coast Public Adjusters, I look forward to serving my community with trusted assistance, and accurate and timely valuations. I have a degree in Claims and am licensed through the Washington State Insurance Commissioners. 

I am proud to provide consultation, damage assessment, and valuation services to policy holders, insurance carriers, and engineering or law firms. I can provide accurate valuations no matter the scenario or loss. 

Our Vision

As a Public Adjuster, I will work for you. Not the insurance company, you. Hiring me as your Public Adjuster will alleviate the stress of preparing your claim. I will guide you through the claims process, giving you peace of mind that your claim is being handled by someone local and trusted.

About Us


Meet with You

The first step in the claims process is to meet with you, the insured. Together we will assess your insurance policy to discuss limits and policy guidelines, determining if the insured's policy covers the claimed loss.  

Assess the Damage

The next step will involve assessing what damage has occurred. Then, I will document the damage at this point and decide on the best course of action for your specific situation.

What We Offer

Prepare an Estimate

Once we assess the cause of loss, we will prepare a detailed scope and cost estimate.

Negotiate on your Behalf 

As your Public Adjuster, I will advocate for a fair and just settlement for you.

Settle your Claim

After we have reached an agreement with the insurance company on the scope of work, the Public Adjuster's fees will be based on a percentage of the monies the insurer pays on your claim. This means there is no up-front payment required.


Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster
Available and Friendly Customer Service
Peace of Mind
Fair and Just Settlement 
Why Us


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